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A science and nursing perspective on how to optimize the function of the human brain to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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Are you simple-minded or more complex?

Do you accept facts as you see it or do you stop, question and analyze it? Is your motive easy/hard to pin down? Are you more task-oriented or do you like to problem solve? Are you lost in thoughts when you’re doing something mindless? Are you a risk taker? Do you like challenges and try new things? Do you like to fantasize?

I’m still questioning how nurture/nature greatly affects who one becomes in terms of personality, behaviour, and intelligence. One’s personality is innate but how big of an influence does nurture play? Obviously there has been tons of research completed, analysis and debates on the topic on the importance of both aspects; but so many thoughts are just flooding my brain correlating to the topic of discussion I’ve been pondering about…

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